St. Edwards Sunday of Devine Mercy Mass Posted April 19, 2020 by Syossetknights


Week 5     This Sunday the Church not only celebrates the Octave of Easter, with the Second Sunday of Easter, but also, we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday. As you know, this day was instituted by His Holiness Saint Pope John Paul II, on the same day he declared Saint Faustina a saint of the Church. Jesus appeared to the Polish Nun and asked her to help people know of Jesus’ great love and mercy for humanity. He told her to tell people that they should trust in Him always, that He would never withhold His love, mercy, and forgiveness. Our Lord directed that an icon be created, showing His great love and on the icon should be the words, “Jesus, I Trust in You.”  Jesus the Divine Mercy is the one we should be focusing on during this crisis time of pandemic. We keep hearing that we are at the apex (at least for New York) or we reached a plateau, and yet the death rate seems to climb. We keep hearing of new cases be added and so we ask where is the progress? And sadly, we hear about loved ones and friends dying and wonder why and what can be done! 

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